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KSD Outreach Mission

To provide the highest quality of services, resources, and support to children ages birth to 21 who are deaf/hard of hearing, by collaborating with their families, their communities, and the professionals that serve them.

KSD Outreach Programs

The Kansas School for the Deaf (KSD) has a strong commitment to the education of students in Kansas whom are deaf and hard of hearing. This commitment extends not only to students attending KSD's center-based program but also to students enrolled in programs throughout the state. KSD's Outreach department is a group of inter-disciplinary professionals that collaborate with families and local professionals. Here are some of the programs KSD Outreach offers:

Consultation, Assessment, and Training Team

Initial Consultation
Based on LEA staff and family questions/requests, as well as student needs, the Outreach Team is available for consultations. Initial consultations are provided free of charge to the district. At least two members of the team will conduct a brief observation and interview staff working with the student(s) prior to a meeting with the local school team and parents. The meeting will incorporate recommendations and resources available to the LEA and family. Written summaries will be provided to the school team and parents. Mentoring support is also available for teachers of the deaf in Kansas.

Comprehensive Evaluations
Student evaluations can be conducted for the student's triennial re-evaluation or at any time the local district would like more in-depth knowledge about how the student is performing. Areas evaluated are:

  • Academics
  • Audiology
  • Psycho-educational
  • Social-emotional
  • Speech-language
  • Sign language
  • Motor skills (if applicable).

Local Education Agency (LEA) staff and parents are directly involved in the evaluation process. An evaluation takes place at KSD during a three-day time frame. A parent or family member is required to accompany the student to KSD. The KSD Family Suite may be available for family and/or school staff lodging at no cost. The evaluation process may include some outreach team members visiting the local school and observing the student in a typical day prior to the evaluation. A team meeting occurs at the end of the evaluation to review results as well as detailed written reports provided to LEA staff and parents.

Hearing Assistive Technologies (HAT)
KSD provides remote microphone hearing assistive technology equipment on a lease basis to local districts. Normal repair of equipment is covered under the terms of the lease. For districts leasing equipment, KSD's audiologist is available to provide in-service training and/or consultation to those programs that do not have audiological services locally.

Family Signs Kansas (FSK)
Family Signs Kansas is a program through KSD that provides free ASL classes to families with children (ages birth to 12 years) who are deaf/hard of hearing in the state of Kansas.

Any family member of a child who is deaf/hard of hearing that cannot attend our on-campus ASL classes due to distance is eligible to participate in FSK. All you need is high-speed internet and a webcam! You take the classes from the comfort of your own home! Classes are provided via distance technology. You provide the days and times that fit into your schedule and we match a teacher to your schedule. Classes run from August to May and you can join at any time.

Deaf Mentor Program

The Deaf Mentor Program provides weekly home visits by a deaf adult who is trained in using the Deaf Mentor Program curriculum. The goals of the program are to support families in learning American Sign Language (ASL) and to help them learn about Deaf Culture. The three areas of focus are ASL for Families, Early Visual Communication, and Deaf Culture.

The roles of the Deaf Mentor are to interact with the family and their child using ASL while providing fun and educational language modeling, guide family members in understanding and appreciating Deaf Culture, and serve as a connection for families to participate in the Deaf Community. The program currently serves families in Douglas, Johnson, Leavenworth, Shawnee, Sedgwick, and Wyandotte counties with children who are deaf/hard of hearing, aged birth to three. The goal is to expand services to encompass families with children who are deaf/hard of hearing, aged birth to eight, statewide.

Link to sign up:
Phone: 913.324.5811
PDF: (flyer)

Professional Development Workshops
The Outreach Team is available to provide a variety of in-service programs to meet the needs of families and LEA staff. These programs are provided either at the local district or on the KSD campus.

Community American Sign Language (ASL) Classes

Lending Library Resource Center
KSD supplies and manages a lending library of materials related to deaf education, sign language, literacy of deaf students and student learning. This resource is available for families, professionals and community members interested in the field of deaf education. To request items, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete the User Agreement Form
  2. Download the KSD List of Resources to identify what you would like to checkout.
  3. Complete the Lending Library Checkout Form to request up to four items for one month.

Contact Information

Joan Macy
Coordinator of Outreach/Related Services
913.210.8149 (voice)