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Health Center

Building of Health Center

The Health Center serves as a resource for health education & emergencies. The Health Center is staffed 24 hours a day when students are on campus, Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon. Additionally, KSD's school doctor visits daily to examine any ill or injured student. Students attending KSD with health issues have Health Care Plans and appropriate training is provided for all staff related to the child's specific health needs. An on-call nurse is also available for KSD sponsored weekend activities.

Services include:

  • Assessment of illness and/or injuries
  • Continuous nursing care as needed
  • Maintain and administer medications as scheduled, and/or as needed
  • Assist families with obtaining medication refills
  • Communicate with families & primary care providers regarding care
  • Screenings for vision, dental, height, weight, & blood pressure
  • Proper use of car seat/booster seat/seat belt as per Kansas state law
  • Immunization compliance
  • Provide staff training & support for medical emergencies & delegation procedures
  • Facilitate Dental clinic for students as requested by parent
  • Providing nursing care as defined by the Kansas Nurse Practice Act



For assistance with health and medication related issues. please contact:

Cathy Reynolds, Senior Nurse
913.210.8163 (voice)
913.324.5828 (videophone)